Pineapple Print Drawstring Bag


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For people who love pastels, sparkles, and hexagonal green-yellow sequins, you’ll find these pineapple print drawstring bags delightful. So, why not add it to your collective thingamabobs? See it glisten and twinkling under the sun like some underwater treasure bag waiting to be opened.

This color-changing pineapple print drawstring bag comes with sequins that can be reversed over to get a different shade of pastel. So, why not let your imaginations run wild and draw pictures or flip it to write your name? It can be a smiley face or an awesome signature to show that it’s yours?

β€’ Reversible sequins that changes color
β€’ Cushioned with quality cotton canvas to store your belongings
β€’ Comes with an inside pocket to store valuables like keys, medicines, or coins
β€’ Adjusted shoulder straps to fit into people of different sizes

Product specifications:
β€’ Bag dimensions are 18 in. x 14 in.

Made with thick pineapple print sequins and heavy-duty canvas cloth, this bag is suitable for school, outdoor and camping, beach, and travel use for all ages. Remember to air-dry or lightly brush the bag inside-out if any stains or grime are sticking to it!

It can even be a great birthday gift or party favor to gift girls and boys. Make your children feel extra special with this unique and radiantly pineapple print bag that will certainly draw attention.

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